We connect existing organizational goodness to effect meaningful, lasting change … from the inside out.


Organizations almost always possess the expertise, people, knowledge and ideas to solve the problems plaguing them.

Our clients are smart and know their businesses, but shifting priorities, limited resources, change resistance and misaligned goals often create a landscape where great ideas—and growth—flame out.

Enter Catalest.

We solve problems and co-create solutions through a combination of time and energy, detective work, creative thinking, strategic vision and focus. And we can scale our offering depending on the project’s scope, required resources and timeline.



Invite Catalest to meet you where you are and guide you where you want to go. Tap into our expertise in project-based work, ranging from problem framing and engagement through change management to delivery.
Learn, discover and facilitate positive growth through custom and curated learning and enablement experiences.
Hatch new ideas or further existing ones with Catalest’s concept development and project management services, pairing your organizational expertise with our innovative acumen to bring your vision to fruition.
Leverage our expertise from the inside out. If your team is already maxed out, consider embedding a member of the Catalest team within your organization to offer fresh insights and strategic support to help move your operations forward.



Our strategy for success is rooted in our capacity to embrace the past, see obstacles as opportunities and direct our collective focus toward the possible.

Connect goodness.

Pockets of opportunity exist within every organization. We help identify and connect this intrinsic goodness, which allows people, processes and ideas to flourish.

Define the problem.

To build the right solutions, you need to solve for the right problems. We help you determine what you’re solving, why, who’s involved and what you’re up against.

Elevate your pitch.

If you can’t tell it in two minutes, you can’t tell it in two hours. We combine storytelling and salesmanship to help present a concise yet comprehensive narrative of your programs and projects.

Engage with purpose.

Effective engagement creates dedicated champions from key stakeholders. By acknowledging constraints and co-creating realistic solutions, we help foster the necessary trust to move the work forward.

Roll up our sleeves.

Building anything—large or small—takes hard work. Achieving lasting results requires time, energy and effort, and we roll up our sleeves to help get the job done.

Land the plane.

Successful journeys require a departure point and a destination. We help make sure everyone keeps moving in the same direction, effectively communicating goals and expectations through to execution and delivery. Ultimately, you have to land the plane.