Catalest’s expertise lies in helping clients use common tendencies to their advantage, connecting pockets of opportunity to get the job done.

Our mission

Organizations are complex entities, regardless of their size or industry. The companies we serve are home to incredible people accomplishing amazing work and almost always possess the expertise, knowledge and ideas to solve the problems that challenge them.

Yet we frequently encounter a few “forever factors” that all organizations navigate, including shifting priorities, limited resources, resistance to change and misaligned goals. These factors can create a disconnected landscape where great ideas—and organizational growth—tend to flame out.

At Catalest, our mission is to connect existing organizational goodness to effect meaningful, lasting change … from the inside out.



While this list is by no means exhaustive, these are some challenges we routinely hear from our clients:


we solve

Many-if not all-of the challenges our clients face are all-too-familiar tales. Regardless of the institution or industry, nearly all the problems we’ve helped to solve fall into one of these categories:

Left hand isn’t talking to the right hand

Programs and services are developed and implemented without the input and buy-in of key stakeholders. Unintentional or otherwise, silos duplicate efforts, multiply costs and complicate execution.

Don’t know where to start

When initial ideas are in place to create a program, product or process, but key stakeholders don’t know where to start, lack bandwidth to begin and/or aren’t sure if the same or similar idea already exists.

Need help putting it together

When the ideas, concepts, directives and even approvals are in place, but strategic planning and execution is problematic due to time, staffing, limited resources and/or budget constraints.

Are we loving this?

When a program, product or process exists but isn’t working effectively or living up to its full potential, and objective expertise is needed to help figure out what’s wrong and how best to fix it.


Our work

Our decades of experience includes partnering with some of the world’s best known private and public sector brands, from the Fortune 500 and early stage startups to non-profits and multiple federal and state level agencies. We look forward to sharing with you some of our stories and identifying how we can help translate those engagements in support of your unique opportunities and challenges.